Can I use that Document too? – Not without Copyright

One great way to incur a large debt is to reuse a commercial document without the consent of the copyright owner. We see this regularly and it rarely ends well. In a strata context, the most common scenario involves a professional being engaged to prepare a document for an owners corporation or lot owner and those persons or others reusing the document for a similar transaction in the future, without the consent of the professional….

The What’s and Why’s of VOI’s

There appears to a great deal of confusion regarding the verification of identity (VOI) process and in this factsheet we aim to clarify what VOI is all about. Why do I need to undertake a VOI? The Australian Registrars’ National Electronic Conveyancing Council’s Model Participation Rules (Rules) set out strict criteria which law firms must comply with. As part of these obligations, law firms are required to verify the identity of any party that signs…