How drafting your own by-law works

What documents do I need first?

It is recommended that you have the following documents ready before starting the process:

  • A copy of the strata plan – to determine which parts are common property and lot property;
  • Up to date common property title search – to ensure that you have all of the registered change of by-laws that apply to your scheme;
  • The schemes by-laws and change of by-laws – to ensure that the by-law that you intend on making may be made without contravening the scheme’s by-laws; and
  • Plans and specifications relating to the works and/or exclusive use areas – to clearly define the works and parts of the common property required to keep the works.

Please see our easy step by step guide for creating your own by-laws.

STEP ONE: Login / Sign up for an account.

If you have an existing account with DIY By-Laws you can Login here.

If you do not have an account with DIY By-Laws you can use the button below to create an account.

Create an account

STEP TWO: Select & Review By-Law

Choose from a wide range of by-laws. You can review applicable by-laws for your strata scheme as well as changes to by-laws applicable to your lot.

See Getting Started to select the type of by-law you want to be created.

Note: Some by-laws are not DIY and require a lawyer to create them for various reasons. If you think this might be you then feel free to Contact Us to see what we can do for you.

Select and Review By-Law

STEP THREE: Insert Details

You can upload a plan to be annexed or choose from a broad range of works typically undertaken. As well as insert any clauses you may have chosen.

Entering these details may take a while to complete. When filling in the form, you have the option to “Save and Continue Later” which can be used to return to where you left of for 30 days before it expires.

Insert Details Image

STEP FOUR: Payment

Simply insert your credit card details and we will electronically deliver the following:

  • Your Invoice
  • The By-Law draft
  • A Consent form
  • A document setting out the next steps to take in regards to your draft.

Please have a look at our Frequently asked questions under “What are the steps after the by-law is drafted?” for more information related about what the steps are after the by-law is drafted.

Payment Image

If you are interested and/or would like to discuss the process, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or alternatively you can check out our Frequently asked questions.

Ready to create your own by-laws?

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