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Step 1 Draft the By-Law

Using DIY By-Laws you can easily add your lot details, select what areas you are renovating and attach the relevant plans to create a by-law and motion instantly! Your by-law will describe any impact there may be to common property (for example, waterproofing in bathroom, moving plumbing or external walls).

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Step 2 Before the Meeting

You will now need to give your draft by-law and consent form to your strata manager to be included in the agenda for the next annual general meeting. If there is not one coming up anytime soon, ask your strata manager the fee to call a meeting.

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Step 3 The Agenda

The strata manager will attach your motion to the agenda and be sent out to owners in your strata scheme 21 days before the meeting.

Make sure you have also given your consent form to the strata manager before the meeting.

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Step 4 The General Meeting

Your motion will be discussed at the AGM and details will be reviewed. Then a vote will be taken by all owners attending (and via proxy) the AGM on your motion. This will be specially resolved and you will get approval or could be asked to provide changes or more detail. A majority vote will get this approved.

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Step 5 Consolidation

Once this has been resolved, the new by-law needs to be added to full list of by-laws, thereby consolidating the new one with the existing by-laws.


DIY By-Laws can assist you with this step too!

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Step 6 Registration

The new by-law must be registered with Land Registry Services within 6 months.

A lawyer, your strata manager or DIY By-Laws can also assist you with this step.

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Step 7 Start Your Renovation!

Now that you have completed all the necessary steps you can start your renovations.



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