What do our customers have to say about us? Read below our satisfied customer testimonials with regards to drafting their own by-laws and our cost-effective, quick, and easy strata by-law drafting process.

“I found it yesterday and have now finished the draft and sent on to my Strata Manager for approval at next AGM. You have saved me a lot of money to allow me to do it myself which I greatly appreciate.”
– Caroline Wood, Owner


“Easy to use & so much better priced than having a lawyer doing it. Highly recommended!”
– Nicholas Coyle, Owner


“Bannerman’s DIY By-Law program was a huge help to getting our project started quickly via strata approval. Rather than spending time and money with lawyers to draft one up, we were able to very easily move through the online By-Law creation and submit it same day for approval! This is a no-brainer solution to an otherwise slow and frustrating process.”
– Dean Macro, Owner


“I have used Bannermans DIY by-laws 4 times in the last 12 months and had great results. The process is simple for anyone to use and can be completed in less than 30 minutes no problems. All 4 have been successfully passed and I would happily use this service again.”
– Tom Clifton, Property Manager


“I found the Bannerman’s DIY By-Laws quick and easy to use.  Bannermans’ follow up offering further support was also a great part of the service. My Strata Committee wanted to make some additions to the proposed by-law, and Bannermans promptly provided a word copy to facilitate this.”
– Gavin Jones, Owner


“The DIY By-Law platform made, what I anticipated to be a difficult process, quick and easy.  It only took about ten minutes to complete.”
Lynne Ainsworth, Owner


“I have been referring owners to the Bannermans Lawyers DIY By-Law since its inception. This platform provides a simple to use, quick and cost effective option for owners to obtain by-laws. These DIY By-Laws go a long way in simplifying a stressful process for the owners during the approval process. Well done Bannermans Lawyers!”
– Mark Louis, Vital Strata Management


“It was a real relief to find the service because I wasn’t looking forward to long and unnecessary discussions with lawyers for the sake of creating a simple by-law. The process walked me through a series of questions and I had the document I needed in just a few minutes. Simple, quick, easy to use and very cost effective.”
– Colin Wood, Owner


“Very useful for small renovations where cost is a factor, this was not a complex by-law and simple change was completed with minimal fuss and time, I would definitely use the system  again.”
– Mark Taylor, Owner


“I was referred to Bannermans DIY By-Laws by my Strata Manager and found the Software platform easy to use and effective in the update of the template with my relevant requirements for Strata Plan unit renovation for approval. The By-Law documents produced looked very professional.I would use the service again and was happy with the outcome and I thought the cost was fair.”
– Jim Thomas, Owner


“The platform was very good, very easy and would recommend. Also very affordable and instant results!”
– George Kara, Owner


“I thought the DIY process was actually a fabulous service. It was clear, easy to follow and has been the least stressful aspect of the renovations works”.
– Tanya, Owner


“Very easy to use and helpful. Great Service – will recommend”.
– Phyllisse Stanton, Owner